Historical Avant-Garde Poetics and Politics (2005)

Sascha Bru, Philippe Codde & Bart Keunen

Editors’ Note
Sascha Bru, Philippe Codde & Bart Keunen

The Tragicomedy of the Historical Avant-Garde. A Brief Introduction
Sascha Bru

Anarchism and the Salvation of “the Last, Most Sacred Domain of Poetry” in Hugo Ball’s Dadaist Poetics
Hubert van den Berg

Paul van Ostaijen’s “The Signal.” A Politics to End all Politics
Erik Spinoy

The Decline of the West. Gaston Burssens’ Piano from a Political Point of View
Matthijs de Ridder

“The Collectivists go collectively backwards.” Paul van Ostaijen, Expressionism, the November Revolution and (Inter)nationalist Politics
Geert Buelens

“Death to Van Gogh’s Ear!” The Beat Generation and Its Surrealist Politics of Mysticism
Franca Bellarsi

“Dear friends the world over, the time is ripe again.” Swedish Poetry, Politics & the Avant-Garde in the 1970s
Daan Vandenhaute