Interpreting Minority. A Comparative Approach (1998)

Geert Lernout & Marc Maufort

Interpreting Minority. A Comparative Approach
Marc Maufort

VocĂȘ Decide: Formatting the Commodified Nation
Stef Slembrouck

A Text Brought Into Action: “The Islamicisation of the Bulgarians in Chepino” by Metodi Draginov
Raymond Detrez

Pulp Opinion: Across the Ocean of Political Correctness
Dieter Lesage

The Impact of State Ideology on Language: Ujamaa and Swahili Literature in Tanzania
Jan Blommaert

Ruse, Rite and Riot: A Psychoanalytic Approach to Seamus Deane’s Reading in the Dark
Hedwig Schall

Never Mind Minorities: David Malouf, the Cringe and the Binge
Marc Delrez

Multiculturalist Thrillers: Minority Detective Fiction and the Chandlerian Legacy
Christophe Den Tandt

Othello Revisited: Crommelynck’s Farcical Treatment of Shakespeare’s Characters
Alain Piette

The Crisis of Communication in Betty Quan’s Mother Tongue
Marc Maufort